Check these out

So I figured I would share you with some of the awesome youtube channels I subscribe to in no particular order.

The first is Cody’s Lab This guy does all sorts of stuff. Bee keeping, all sorts of sweet Science experiments and also he goes mining in his backyard(if you can call it that since it gigantic)

Go check him out I’m sure you will learn something.

The next one is Crazy Russian Hacker I think what makes me watch this guy is just his personality. He does a bunch of experiments and random product reviews and his reactions are priceless.

Thumbs up from me.

Now if you feel like something a little more serious and maybe making your brain hurt got check out Vsauce He explores many scientific and mathematic concepts and theories. Most vids I watch on this channel end up just leaving me confused but I still enjoy watching them.

After the brain overload maybe you need to slow down. The Slow Mo Guys are here for just that. These guys are just awesome doing all sorts of stuff in SUPER slomo. It’s amazing to see just how much stuff can happen in the fraction of a second.

And finally another great channel is The Backyard Scientist This guy does cool stuff mostly with molten metals in his backyard as you might have guessed.

Maybe you all knew about these channels before most of them are pretty popular already but I though I would share then anyways.

If some of these are new to you I’m sure you will enjoy them.

Have a great day.