This post is simply to highlight how far technology has come. Specifically when it comes to portable storage. Here is the first ever portable usb drive I owned in the mid 90’s.


Notice how that holds a staggering 64MB. Back in the day I had a hard time filling that. Now it can barely hold anything other than some documents.

When I found out about this new portable SSD i just had to get it…



Simply beautiful packaging really makes this feel like the premium product it is. Comes with everything you need.


Now here is the kicker. This sleek device holds 512GB!! That’s right folks half a TB in your pocket. Can hardly believe it and I might not if I did not have it.

For comparison here it is next to my 64MB drive


I mean that just blows me away. Since it’s a SSD it gives blazing transfer speeds over latest USB 3.1. Even on USB 3.0 it still goes much faster than any other portable usb drive I’ve had.

That’s all for today.

Have a great day.